MASTERCLASS: The Fifth Best Gown Look of the 65th Miss Universe Pageant’s Preliminary Competition

When the Miss Universe Organization was bought by Donald Trump the late Nineties, the Miss Universe pageant went through a self-described Redefinition. One can say that the recently concluded 65th edition of the pageant, now under ownership of WME/IMG, was another rebranding.

What defies redefinition however, are the gowns worn by the contestants in the competition. One could imagine that the Miss Universe stage would be the perfect showcase for elegant and fashion forward creations by up and coming talent from around the world. Yet every year, and this year again, the majority of contestants wears dresses that you would only see in a pageant or at a prom.

Still there are some contestants who manage to present red carpet looks suitable for the most elegant and classy events.

We will present to you the five gown looks that we consider to have pushed the envelope in the right direction during the Preliminary competition of the latest Miss Universe pageant.

Starting in 5th Place:


Deshauna Barber wore a gown of very simple design made eye-catching by the beauty of the material used. The colour looks amazing on her and the classic styling, without much embellishment, completes a look of understated elegance.

How would we have improved on this look?

The matching earrings are too obviously costume jewellery and cheapen the overall result. These earrings, although also costume, are of a richer appearance and would complement the gown beautifully.

Published by

Richard John Isa

Emerging photographer and Pageant Consultant

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